Here’s what the media is saying about the DUCF…

“A combination of new and returning crafters make this a must-stop destination on the first few holiday-fueled days of December.”

“The event draws such a vibrant crowd of shoppers and vendors and really has a party atmosphere.”

“DUCF hosted more than 100 vendors who provided unique, handcrafted gifts just in time for the holidays.”

“Still have a lot of holiday shopping to do?Try to tackle all of it in one fell swoop at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair this weekend.”

“Detroit Urban Craft Fair is a perfect way to introduce yourself to this new crafting world, to support local artists, find unique presents for friends and family and spark your own creativity.”

“Interaction between customers and vendors is one of the highlights of DUCF. Many Michiganders make it a priority to attend yearly while spreading the word to others about the show.”

“This is an amazing show to participate in and to shop at! i look forward to it all year.”

“An upbeat and craft-loving crowd stormed the Masonic Temple over Dec. 1-2, to kick off holiday shopping with a DIY bent…”

“To see some of the talented crafters we have in Michigan…”

“A particularly unique blend of commerce, art, sustainability and community comes to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair (DUCF)”

“It’s so inspiring, all the people and the community feel. We love it.”

“I just really love seeing people’s reactions to our work,” Jacobs said. “The things people say and seeing what they respond to surprises me”

“I’ve one so many different craft fairs, and Handmade Detroit is very vendor-friendly.”

“The Detroit Urban Craft Fair offers you an alternative to holiday big box store shopping, showcasing local and national independent artists.”

“For the 6th year in a row, the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, created and sponsored by Handmade Detroit, gave people an opportunity…”

“This is THE hand-made holiday shopping event — scratch that, it’s THE holiday shopping event period. Every year, the DUCF gets bigger and more filled with awesome.”

“Hit up the Detroit Urban Craft Fair this weekend. Awesome, as usual!”

“DUCF as it is affectionately called is a showcase of talented makers and the materials they bring to life”

“I also have been hugely impressed with the urban crafts movement as defined by the women of Handmade Detroit. Come on, you artists, you creatives, you masses. Find your muse in the Mitten.”

“Sometimes a scene can become integral to a city’s cultural soup. Sometimes it gets cooked out.
So to find that a metropolis synonymous with hot rods and cold steel, smashed glass and dive bars, that still claims a surging craft craze — some four years after planting roots — is a surprise.”

“The organization behind this artistic mesh of the minds is Handmade Detroit and they’ve got the goods to make this an event you won’t want to miss.”

“The new generation of handmade goods is the handiwork of metro Detroit’s growing subculture of do-it-yourself crafters, a group of mostly 20- and 30-something women with enterprising spirits and a compulsion to make something”

“The whole kitsch and caboodle”

“Crafting is Cool… Again” (MP3)

“…crafting is less of a hobby and more of a movement.”

“Metro Detroit crafters get a chance to show their work”

“When did yarn, felt and shiny sequins get hip?”

“The Detroit Urban Craft Fair prepares for its kick off”

“…a search through the vendor list finds embroidered vintage gloves, mustache pins, clothes made from recycled tires and even shoes.”

“Don’t let the words “craft fair” frighten you.”

“These are things you won’t typically find at your local SuperMart.”(Audio clip – Requires Windows Media Player)

“No cornhusk dolls here, by god.”

“The first craft fair of its kind in Michigan, DUCF joins the sweeping DIY alt-craft movement of fairs and collectives that have been popping up like dandelions across the country.”